First aid kit IFAK

First aid kit IFAK

An first aid kit IFAK, short for “Individual First Aid Kit“, is a personal first aid kit that has been specially developed for self-care or the first aid of other people in emergency situations. Originally introduced in the military sector, the IFAK medical kit has also established itself in civilian areas such as first responders, adventurers, emergency preparedness and as a first aid kit in the military. A typical IFAK medi kit or IFAK set contains a basic set of medical supplies and consumables to respond to common injuries and emergencies.

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Professional, fully equipped first response kit in military quality. 2-way zip for quick opening and a separately accommodated tourniquet ensure rapid...
Professional, fully equipped first response kit in military quality. 2-way zip for quick opening and a separately accommodated tourniquet ensure rapid...

First aid kit IFAK: The functions & features

All our DEHAS IFAKs contain identical standard equipment in accordance with the recommendations of the TREMA and TCCC guidelines. You will find a tourniquet in each of our DEHAS first aid kit IFAK. The tourniquet is a ligature system that can be used to constrict or completely interrupt the blood flow in the veins and arteries (depending on the pressure). After a pressure bandage or the ISRAELI bandage, it is the next option for treating bleeding, especially multiple penetrating injuries. A circumferential band is shortened by turning a toggle until the pressure is sufficient to stop the bleeding.

In addition to the obligatory items such as a rescue blanket, scissors, gauze bandages and disposable gloves, you will find hemostatic materials (hemostatic agents) in each of our DEHAS IFAK medical kits. Our hemostatic materials are hemostatic emergency bandages (Z-fold) based on CHITOSAN, which are able to control moderate to severe bleeding. The Axiostat® products used are based on a bioadhesive technology (PBT™) that forms an active mechanical barrier at the bleeding site. Axiostat® accelerates blood clotting and reduces blood loss. Suitable and recommended for both civilian and military use to stop bleeding.

Each DEHAS first aid kit IFAK also includes a respiratory drape (CPR mask) and a nasal tube (WENDEL tube) for emergency ventilation of the patient; a GUEDEL tube can be added on request.

Some of our DEHAS IFAK medi kits variants also include a chest seal to treat open chest injuries and prevent traumatic pneumothorax.

A major risk with penetrating back and chest injuries is the penetration of air into the chest cavity, which then presses on one or both lungs and prevents them from expanding during inhalation. This is referred to as a traumatic pneumothorax. In addition to pain and blood loss, breathing is also impaired. The Chest Seal with valve also allows air to escape during breathing, but care should be taken to ensure that the valve is not blocked.
Also included is an ARS® Needle Decompression Kit for decompression of a tension pneumothorax.

A detailed list of materials can be found in our DEHAS IFAK data sheet.

Frequently asked questions

The abbreviation “IFAK” stands for “Individual First Aid Kit”. It is a compact, portable first aid kit that is specially designed to provide a person with the necessary equipment to administer first aid in an emergency situation, either to themselves or to others. Originally used in a military context, IFAKs are now also used in civilian areas such as outdoor activities, emergency preparedness and by professional rescuers. So-called IFAK Bundeswehr or IFAK Polizei are also used by the police and the Bundeswehr.

The contents of a first aid kit can vary depending on the intended use and environment. However, there are some basic items that must be included in most IFAKs in case of an emergency. Here is a list of the necessary contents:

  1. Tourniquet, gag for binding heavily bleeding injuries (arms, legs)
  2. Haemostatic gauze, for closing even heavily bleeding wounds
  3. Haemostatic dressing, for closing even heavily bleeding wounds
  4. Compression bandage to stop bleeding quickly (Israeli)
  5. Elastic bandages for the fixation of bandages or splints for fractures
  6. Gauze bandages in various sizes
  7. Wound dressings in different sizes
  8. Burn dressing, -gel for the treatment of burn injuries
  9. CPR mask, respirator drape to protect the first aider during rescue breathing
  10. Nasopharyngeal tube airway tube nasal
  11. Oropharyngeal tube Oral airway tube
  12. ARS needle, decompression kit for the treatment of pneumothorax
  13. Chestseal with ventilation, double pack for the treatment of wounds caused by bullet holes from the front chest to the back
  14. Other aids such as triangular cloth, rescue blanket, nitrile gloves, plaster set, bandage scissors, medical adhesive tape and permanent marker

It is important to check the First Aid Kit regularly and replace expired or missing items. In certain situations, such as use by the armed forces, the police or during extreme outdoor activities, additional specific items may be required.

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